Stop in and/or stay for the lecture!

Beginning at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 14, Brian Rosenberger from Lockheed Martin Aeronautics will be available in the CoorsTek atrium (1523 Illinois St.) along with a large-scale titanium part fabricated using the directed energy deposition (DED) method of additive manufacturing. He will give a lecture at 6:00 pm for the Intro to Additive Manufacturing course – all are welcome to attend. Lecture will be held in CoorsTek atrium.

DED is an emerging use for metal additive manufacturing (AM) as a substitute for die forging of large titanium components. The hybrid process (AM + machining) has the potential to offer significant reductions in both cost and lead time for these components. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company has worked through most of the hurdles to production implementation of this technology, and Mr. Rosenberger will show an example part and describe the engineering development work to date.

Brian Rosenberger has worked in the aerospace industry for over 34 years. He has considerable experience in the aircraft conceptual design arena and has served as principal investigator and program manager for a variety of research and development projects. Since 1997, he has focused his efforts on the maturation of AM processes and materials for aerospace applications. He has extensive experience with large-scale metal AM. Mr. Rosenberger also has expertise in integrating advanced technologies into the supply chain, especially with international production partners. He holds 13 US patents.