Guest speaker Claudio Shyinti Kiminami from Federal University of São Carlos, Brazil, gave a presentation on research at DEMa/UFSCar–Brazil related to spray forming and atomization.

Within the context of the larger project “Processing and Characterization of Amorphous, Metastable and Nanostructured Alloys,” Kiminami presented a history of their work in the areas of spray forming and atomization. Examples of studies on spray-formed aluminum and iron alloy deposits with the goal of recycling aluminum alloys and developing materials with high wear and/or corrosion resistance were presented. In addition, examples of the use of atomized powders for processing of bulk metallic glasses and coatings were included. He also presented some details about their new gas atomization equipment that was recently installed that enables them to make 4–10 kg batches of non-reactive experimental alloys (e.g., Al, Fe, Ni, Co, etc.).

Atomization-Research at DEMa/UFSCar-Brazil.pdf

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