Mark 10 ESM1500 Electromechanical Load Frame

The Mark 10 electromechanical load frame is a small, benchtop load frame that is easily configurable for tensile, compressive and bending testing of samples. It is well suited to characterize 3D-printed compression cylinders imaged with the Zeiss Xradia Versa. By combining the tomographic imaging capabilities of the Zeiss and the mechanical testing abilities of the Mark 10, we can get a unique glimpse into the mechanical properties of a 3D-printed sample as well as the structure responsible for those properties and the process that produced that structure.


  • Force measurements up to 6.7 kN
  • Load resolution down to 0.02 N
  • Optical table mount for 3D DIC (digital image correlation) strain measurements
  • Load cells, grips and fixtures for compression, tension and bending