MTS 370.02 Axial-Torsion Servohydraulic Load Frame

The MTS 370.02 increases loading complexity by combining simultaneous axial and torsional loading. It has a load capacity of 25 kN and is capable of testing tension, compression, fatigue and torsion. The crystallographic texture and nonequilibrium nature of AM part microstructures result in unusual, anisotropic mechanical behavior that can affect the performance of AM parts placed under complex, multidirectional loading. The MTS 370.02 facilitates the understanding of the relationships between microstructure and final properties.


  • 25 kN load capacity
  • Biaxial loading enables examination of the 2D yield surface
  • Combine with 3D DIC (digital image correlation) to measure in- and out-of-plane strain
  • Visually program complex static, quasi-static and dynamic loading, including dwell and cyclic loading