ADAPTSM students and faculty presented their latest Optimize for AdditiveSM research findings at TMS 2019 in San Antonio, Texas, the week of March 11.

Monday, March 11
10:00–10:30, Room 221A: “Modeling process-structure-property relationships in additively manufactured alloys with machine learning and materials informatics” (Branden Kappes, ADAPT Operations Director)

Tuesday, March 12
10:50–11:10, Room 221C: “Investigation of post-processing heat treatments on the mechanical and Microstructural properties of Inconel 718 manufactured by laser powder bed fusion” (Thomas Gallmeyer, PhD Student)

Wednesday, March 13
2:00–2:30, Room 221B: “A statistical framework to qualify the low cycle fatigue performance of additively manufactured steel replacement parts” (Aaron Stebner, ADAPT Executive Director)
2:30–2:50, Room 221B: “A new perspective on visualizing the elastic limit and the necessity of 6D limit hyper surfaces” (Zachary Brunson, PhD Student)
3:30–3:50, Room 221D: “Development of superelastic nickel-titanium-hafnium alloys for additive manufacturing” (Behnam Amin-Ahmadi, Research Assistant Professor)

Thursday, March 14
4:20–4:40, Room 305: “Comprehensive quality assurance of additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4V by learning from prior studies” (Sen Liu, PhD Student)