Membership Benefits

Your organization can benefit today from the world-class expertise and cutting-edge research at the ADAPTSM Center to advance understanding and application of additive manufacturing. Our members are taking full advantage of what ADAPT has to offer, including:

  • A state-of-the-art platform for storing, visualizing and mining models for AM optimization
  • Focused R&D to individual members
  • Collaborative work on issues of interest across the consortium
  • Access to pooled data and resources otherwise out of reach to individual companies
  • Collaboration opportunities with the ADAPT community
  • Guidance to develop rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing techniques
  • Secondary process knowledge and research for AM parts
  • Reduced time and cost to enter the AM market in terms of qualifying materials, processes and machines
  • Expert AM consulting services for your business

Membership Levels

As an ADAPT member, you have access to our monthly members meetings where you can find out about recent advancements at ADAPT and within the AM industry, become educated in all aspects of AM and network with others working in the AM space. Members can access the members-only area of this website, which contains past meeting minutes and presentations. Additionally, we will associate your company logo with ADAPT.

All members have access to, ADAPT’s premier characterization database built on Citrine Informatics’ Citrination platform. Members can use the database tools to create various views of shared data or to download sets of shared data.

Members can also engage ADAPT in individual¬†research agreements¬†tailored to solve a specific problem or to develop a new concept. Members with active research agreements can expand their use of to leverage Citrination’s advanced data analysis tools and to train machine learning models on both shared data and their company’s own private data. By integrating machine learning with data informatics, we are building a robust AM data set with predictive capabilities that will help our members qualify, standardize, assess and optimize AM processes and parts.


Contact ADAPT today for more details on our current membership rates for small and large companies or for a copy of our membership agreement. Colorado businesses receive a 15% discount on ADAPT membership.

Interested but want to learn more?

Join us as a guest in person or virtually for one of our monthly members meetings. Email us for a copy of our non-disclosure agreement and a schedule of upcoming meetings.