First ADAPT Expo a success

ADAPT’s first Expo, combined with its Annual Public Meeting on Jan. 7, 2019, drew eight exhibitors and dozens of industry representatives, faculty members and students.

The Expo was held in the CoorsTek atrium on the campus of Colorado School of Mines. Exhibitors included Colorado OEDIT, Citrine Informatics, Elementum 3D, The 3D Printing Store, Lithoz America, GE Additive, ALD NanoSolutions and 3D Systems.


That evening, members and other guests, including State Senator Tammy Story of Colorado Senate District 16, attended a dinner at the student center and a presentation by ADAPT Executive Director Dr. Aaron Stebner and fellow ADAPT board member Dr. Craig Brice.

Together, they gave an in-depth review of ADAPT’s progress over the last three years, as well as its structure and management, economic development and education results, 2018 technical achievements and 2019 outlook. Highlights included:

  • Growth in membership and research partnerships: In three years, ADAPT grew from 6 founding members to 22 current members and 11 non-member research partners
  • Faculty and student growth: ADAPT programs have led to 5 permanent faculty hires at Mines to date and increased postdoc and graduate student hires; additional, ADAPT has graduated 1 PhD student and 3 Master of Science students at Mines
  • Expansion of adapt.citrination: 74 data sets and 11 material-process combinations have been generated in ADAPT’s signature data informatics tool
  • Presence in the additive community: ADAPT researchers have given more than 30 conference talks and workshops, have published 3 peer-reviewed papers with 6 more pending, and have submitted 4 patent applications
  • Research impact: ADAPT has helped its research partners realize a 10x ROI by assisting in raising more than $25 million in external funding
  • Educational impact: Mines has established an Advanced Manufacturing degree program that offers a Professional Graduate Certificate and a Master of Science (non-thesis) degree, along with an AM teaching lab
  • Collaboration among partners: A recent survey of members indicated that the number one benefit of belonging to ADAPT is the opportunity to collaborate, with networking, workshops and workforce development following close behind
  • Upcoming ADAPT events include regular monthly members meetings and an Optimize for AdditiveSM Technical Workshop and Expo, August 26-28, at Colorado School of Mines


ADAPT welcomes newest members EOS and ATI

We are excited to welcome new members EOS North America and ATI Specialty Alloys & Components into ADAPT membership!

EOS is a global technology leader for industrial 3D printing of metals and polymers. Founded in 1989, EOS is a pioneer and world leader in the field of direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), and they continue to master the interaction of laser and powder material.

ATI is a global manufacturer of technically advanced specialty materials and complex components. ATI is a market leader in manufacturing differentiated specialty alloys and forgings across industrial sectors. They are also a leader in producing nickel-based alloy and titanium-based alloy powders for use in next-generation jet engine forgings and 3D-printed products.

ADAPT PhD Candidate Nathan Johnson awarded fellowship

Nathan Johnson was awarded a fellowship by Los Alamos National Laboratory to study and model rapidly solidifying alloys. The fellowship was awarded for Nathan’s research with the Alliance for the Development of Additive Processing Technologies (ADAPTSM). Nathan’s work focuses on characterizing the formation of microscopic grains that form as metals solidify. These in situ investigations use techniques such as high-energy X-ray and neutron diffraction to reveal mechanisms and characteristics of grain formation, ultimately determining the mechanical properties of the metal. Measurements made using diffraction will serve as the foundation of statistical models of metal manufacturing processes. Nathan’s work has impact in technologies such as additive manufacturing where complex parts are built layer by layer from small deposits of rapidly solidified alloys.

Member company 3D Systems will hold Open House on Dec. 5

ADAPTSM member company 3D Systems is hosting an Open House at their Littleton, CO, facility on Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018. All are welcome. Please register on their website: