Member Stories

Reaction Systems was awarded a $750,000 two-year SBIR contract based on prototypes and data that ADAPT developed with them in less than two months’ time

The ADAPTSM Center has helped member company Reaction Systems win a two-year, $750K SBIR contract extension. “This early success shows the value of collaboration between ADAPT members,” said ADAPT Co-Director Aaron Stebner. With a Phase II SBIR project with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to develop a hypersonic jet engine part and a need for specialized additive manufacturing expertise, Reaction Systems turned to founding member company Faustson and ADAPT to create a prototype to keep the project moving forward.

Confluent Medical Technologies is leading the market in developing better materials for 3D printing of metallic biomedical implants through their partnership with ADAPT

Confluent Medical Technologies is partnering with Colorado School of Mines and ADAPT to advance additive manufacturing methods.

Confluent Medical has established the Confluent Medical Postdoctoral Fellowship at Mines toward developing these technologies via an initial $100,000 gift. The ADAPT team has hired a postdoctoral researcher to work on the project full time.